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“What Did Jesus Do?


If one thing is nearly universally true, it is the fact that even non-believers have or will, in moral questions facing our society, state what they believe to be the answer to the question: “What Would Jesus Do?” And that’s fine. The right of free expression of ideas regarding Jesus or any other religious figure, icon or other points of view — at least in America—is embodied in the First Amendment.” You’ve no doubt posed the question yourself. Examples are inexhaustible.

What is perhaps not universally agreed upon, although it should be, is the fact that the question, narrowly posed, itself invites answers that reflect one’s own perception of what the “God Mind ” would say and/or do, given a particular situation or dilemma. This draws upon a rather sparse and limited resource in the attempt to divine an answer — namely, one’s own mortal mind. Fair enough. We work with what we have.

Permit me to put forth the following: The “What Would Jesus Do” question invites pure and perhaps even impure speculation. The answerer of the question assumes the mantle of seer or revealer, possessing the ability to know what Jesus would do. In so saying, I do not suggest that an answer means the answerer has little or no basis for an answer given. To the contrary, most often there is a sincere and substantial basis for said answer.

However, I do suggest there is a more pertinent and apropos question – one  that renders transparent and inadequate any rank speculation, frequently accompanying the former question. The question I prefer is: “What Did Jesus Do?” In putting forth the answers, one has only to examine the record – read the record of Jesus’ life, and read and comprehend the prescriptions and directions provided in scripture. Speculation is not required.

Of course, as pertains to events and circumstances we find in our lives today, the former question does have importance, but only as it causes one to examine the the latter and use it as a firm basis for decisions we seek to make.

Now, all this presupposes that one has an abiding belief and faith in the Father-Son-Spirit trinity, and subscribe to the teachings regarding Jesus that are found in scripture. Rigid dogma and rabid religiosity for the sake of rabid religiosity, and for the sake of browbeating others into submission, is itself antithetical to the life and teachings of Jesus.

All to often, believers behave as if they are on some “heavenly point system’ where their place in the hereafter depends principally upon how many converts they produce. As I recall, Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick, gave shelter to the homeless, and commanded his followers to do the same.

Scripture does not show that before feeding the  5,000 he took up an offering or required them to promise to follow him, or reveal any other requisite.

So, ask either or both questions – permit one to add fullness to the other, and by doing so, invite an even larger and productive discussion and understanding.

Gene Cartwright




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