TVOST. The Value of Small Things

TVOST. The Value of Small Things

TVOST. The Value of Small Things 
eBook and Softcover (print size: 5.06″ x 7.81″)

by Gene Cartwright – former Oprah guest author and past Pulitzer-nominee.
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“Despite the deepest darkness, the human spirit seeks even the faintest rays of light. May it always be so.”  — Gene Cartwright

TVOST. The Value of Small Things

From the pages of Gene Cartwright’s latest non-fiction work comes a wealth of witty and wise tools compelling you to unearth hidden treasures from your past, to embrace your present, and look to your boundless future through a brighter lens of expectancy.

We are experiencing changes in our lives that will last a lifetime. Many are suffering both economical and emotional trauma unlike anything imaginable. While you struggle to cope, it just may be your past—your individual past— that offers you hope, the power, the tools to overcome today’s immense challenges. TVOST: The Value of Small Things will serve as a guiding light.

As you personalize your reading, you will understand the essential efforts necessary to face a future forever transformed by those economic challenges, new focus on long-standing social inequities, and a widespread pandemic.

The Value of Small Things encourages you to recall forgotten jewels of hope by recounting every glimmer of joy—however faint—retracing paths to a treasure-trove of embraceable moments you’ve experienced, appraising them as rare, precious diamonds.

The Value of Small Things inspires you to discover deeper levels of inner contemplation and peace. Yet, it does not ignore the unpleasant, but rather offers perceptive context as it awakens you to the richness of your past, the significance of your present, and the hope in your future. 

The Value of Small Things will guide and inspire you, but the journey will be your own. |

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