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Bin-Ladin Successor, Zawahiri’s, Death Foretold in 2012 NPR Fiction Contest Story

Bin-Laden Successor, Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Death Foretold in 2012 NPR Fiction Contest Story, ‘First Father.’ Contest Judged by Bestselling Author, Brad Meltzer.

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Foretells Zawahiri's Death in 2012

Foretells Zawahiri’s Death in 2012

LOS ANGELES – Aug. 4, 2022 – PRLog — Truth is stranger than fiction?
Not this time. This time, Author Gene Cartwright’s fictional story, ‘First Father’ turns out to be 10 years ahead of reality and truth.

In 2012, in NPR’s (National Public Radio) 3-Minute Fiction Contest, the author—a former Oprah guest author, and author of the just-released epic, ‘In Her First Life’—writes of Zawahiri’s death in startling detail. In fact, the details were so specific and startling—as from one’s eyes-on knowledge—that it likely explains why NPR, while acknowledging the entry, never responded to the author’s many follow-up inquiries regarding the contest.

“But how the hell could he know this?” Many will ask.

In First Father, Gene Cartwright identifies a specific hiding place for Zawahiri who, until he was killed by U.S. Hellfire drone missiles on July 30, 2022, was unknown. Gene offered that the terrorist leader was hiding in… (read the story for details). The contest judge was bestselling author, Brad Meltzer.

The only thing missing was GPS coordinates.

What is First Father’s main story?
With the eyes of the world riveted on the young president, age 41, at the White House East Room podium, his Chief of Staff waited to convey startling news about his pregnant wife that would make all else insignificant.

You must read this 796-word micro-story to appreciate just how prescient Gene was in writing this stunning story. It will leave defense and national security experts scratching their heads, again asking: “How the hell could he know this?”

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