Why I Created My Book Collection on Amazon.

My “Collected Works.” 

$23 vs. $9.99


Am I breaking new ground in eBook World? Perhaps.

Having a mind that seldom sleeps is both a blessing and a curse. I suppose I was in high-speed, Autobahn mode the other day, just after publishing my seventh eBook, “Fire Night.” Most of my titles at GeneCartwright.com are also hardcover and/or softcovers.


After uploading my recent title, “Fire Night,” I decided to place it in Amazon’s Kindle Select Program. (Click the link to learn more.) Of course, an author hopes those who purchase one of his or her titles will be inclined to also read the others.


Therefore, it occurred to me increased readership would be more likely, if a collection of all my works were available, and at a price that made economic sense. So I created a single eBook containing all seven of my available titles: “Gene Cartwright  – Collected Works.” These are complete works, not excerpts, including the Pulitzer-nominated, “A Family Gathering.”

In my case, individual purchases of my books total over $23. However, purchasing my collection: “Gene Cartwright – Collected Works” at $9.99, will benefit the buyer and me. Of course, this all depends upon the pricing of one’s individual; works. The advantage to me is my “per buyer transaction profit” will likely be higher. Even if a buyer is not initially drawn to each title in the collection, I believe the bargain will be too good to pass up.

My second real advantage may be with the “Select” program. Amazon sets aside a monthly fund to distribute to the Select Program’s authors, based upon the number of ‘borrows’ for an author’s titles. This month, the fund is $600,000. Additionally, buyers may also purchase the book, if they choose.  It is also great advertising, as all Amazon’s ‘Prime Members’ are notified of the program’s titles.

After 90 days, per my agreement with Amazon, I may choose to provide my collection to all other eBook vendors. I see it as a win-win option I am willing to test. A collection of works may not be of benefit to everyone. However, it is at least worth examining.