Superman, “Man of Steel” – My Review

While I am no movie critic, per se, I am a movie-goer, and therefore equally qualified to voice an opinion.

Right? Right!


Okay, so I saw this latest incarnation of Superman, and came away with a different question regarding General Zod’s end, other than the fact Superman wasted him. That fact seems to be upsetting some diehard fans. Go figure. Bear with me.

To save the world, while practically destroying New York and causing poor Lawrence Fishburne a.k.a. Perry White to pee his pants, this fierce, otherworldly Superman V. General Zod battle takes place.

We are deluged with massive quantities of CGI, from the beginning, and bodies whizzing at warp speeds; body slams against concrete and steel, fuel trucks, flame-throwing eyes, and through numerous building infrastructures, right?

Then in the end, all it takes for the ‘Man of Steel’ to vanquish General Zod is an old-fashion wrestling move: a half-nelson, and a neck twist. That’s all it took? Really? Forget the killing of Zod —I mean, how else does one rid the world of this menace when even cruise missiles fail—but a simple neck twist? How about some mysterious body-structure disintegration of Zod? A neck twist?

For what its worth, I found the film entertaining, despite the heavy-does of CGI. However, seeing it once is enough for me, not redo-worthy.