Are We Better Off?

President Obama

One could have seen the question coming…

from an election away. So, it was a bit disappointing to see Democratic spokesperson stutter and fumble when answering this dated question during the Sunday morning talkies. Unlike the difficulty Ronald Reagan’s question posed for Jimmy Carter in 1980, it begs for total ignorance or denial of the truth if a “no” answer is applied to 2012. With only a modicum of intelligence or the ability to accept facts and truth, one can only answer in the affirmative. Of course, Reagan asked: “Are YOU better off than you were four years ago. Therefore we have to perform a little dissection here: 1. Reagan’s aim was to solicit an individual/personal answer—a self-centered response based on an individual’s personal experiences over the period in question. The truth is, not every individual is better off in any year, regardless of the economy or any societal measure.

2. The question is one to be answered by all, individually and collectively. “Are we better off?” The answer is an unqualified yes. Would you like to return to the near Depression Economy of 2008? Be my guest. Consider the total opposition and disdain this President has uniquely received from Republicans, and from day one. If a republican had achieved even half of what this President has achieved, the Right would be carving his image on Mt. Rushmore with a toothpick, if necessary.

Yesterday, after thinking that something should be done to drive home the astonishing accomplishments of the Obama Administration/Democratic House & Senate, I decided to do something. It took eight hours of planning, organizing and editing—all on my Macbook Pro laptop. The result is this two (2) minute film I created and posted on Youtube. So instead of reading any more, please watch: