Children Teach Love, Not Hate.

Age of Innocence


AOI-VideoFrameAll life is precious and should be valued, right? That belief can easily be challenged when one observes the destructive and dehumanizing behavior of many fellow humans. When one hears and sees such damning behavior it’s hard to think that these individuals were once considered cute, cuddly, adorable, and huggable little babies with loving hearts and captivating smiles.

Several years ago, reflecting upon news reports on the despicable acts of persons that shall go nameless here: serial killers, bigots, maniacs, hate-mongers, rapists, and other malcontents I recalled the media showing their earliest photos. It made me wonder where their lives went wrong, and over what period of time in their development.

I was forced to focus on a fact that we all recognize: when we are born, and for an unspecified and unpredictable period thereafter (not nearly long enough) we experience our ‘Age of Innocence’. It is that period of life when we are yet un-infected by the ills that are so pervasive in our society.

While it is inevitable that such Age of Innocence ends, we are all shaped by the influences and associations that impact us all from day one. There are no absolutes here. Productive and wonderful individuals often come from destructive homes, and the contrary is also true.

Yet, there is always reason to hope that despite what awaits newborns, infants and toddlers they will somehow retain much of what is so adorable about his or her Age of Innocence.

The Age of Innocence Photo-Art Poster
I created reflects what is best about the beginning of young lives, reminds us of what is so often lost and replaced by what often accompanies evolving into adulthood. My hope is that the poster challenges us all to pause and reflect upon each action we take, and what we we day to determine whether our passing will be mourned or cheered.

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