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  • DO YOU KNOW who are your Amazon and other book buyers?
  • CAN YOU directly connect and interact with them?
  • WHERE CAN YOU invite them to contact you, learn of learn of and pre-order your future works?

Here is our mission:

Free to Join + Premium Options:

To establish a community of Amazon (and others) Authors & Buyers.

A community where your buyers, and prospective buyers know you invite them to:

  • directly network with you
  • join your custom group that you form
  • know what you’re working on
  • write reviews for you on Amazon, and elsewhere
  • get special benefits from you
  • help plan an execute signing events for you in their area
  • know about your next book, before it publishes
  • give you feedback
  • use our private email system to connect with you
  • …so much more

If you are familiar with iFOGO Village, things appear very different, although much of our previous content is archived. So, what’s new?

What’s new is that our focus is is now riveted on creating a totally new experience for authors with print and ebooks, whether on Amazon, B&N, or any of the other brick and mortar and online booksellers.

 There are more than 40 million books on Amazon alone, and millions of authors—most are like a single ear of corn in a 1 million acre Iowa cornfield. How do you and your books stand out? How does that ear of corn stand out?

 It jumps up and down!

You get the point; it must break the rules, confound expectations.

 Have you ever wondered who your book buyers are? Unless you are selling only via your web site, you cannot know. Amazon certainly doesn’t want you know. In fact, Amazon, and other sellers, are only concerned about generating their profits; this is reflected in their policies that do not always benefit authors.

It’s time we authors acted in our best interest by participating in efforts to become the place buyers get to know us.

 There will be more said here. We are looking for authors and buyers who are not simply ‘joiners,’ but doers.

 See our “FAQ- What Comes Next” Group discussion for ALN Authors.

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