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The best thing that ever happened or will happen to me is that I was born at the right address: the home of my mother and father. That one, seemingly ordinary event, over which I had no control, made all the difference in my life.  The road that led me to become an engineer, author, inventor, composer, screenwriter, tinkerer and thinkerer, began with them and the invaluable lessons they taught.

Welcome to my corner of cyberworld. In this first blog, I will attempt to satisfy basic curiosity by providing my biography page, and a few other tidbits. In subsequent posts, I will simply share my thoughts, attitudes, questions, and observations about many things. The thread will be my belief that life should begin and end with questions, unanswered. Life is or should be dynamic, not static – alway prompting a desire to know more.

I am an author of what many say is reality-based fiction. I tend to scoff at the label because any “good” fiction should be reality-based. I suppose the disctinction is a matter of degree. My personal author web site may be found here: GeneCartwright.com.

A few years ago, I created an internet company, iFOGO.com, designed to bring together writers and readers. Shortly thereafter, I founded a social network, iFOGO Village, where authors and booklovers gather to promote, share, learn, and enjoy their love of the written word.

I do not promise either life-changing insights, great revelations, or adherence to what is wholly acceptable and conventional. In fact, I make no promises, except to try and be interesting. We will see what happens.