Overcoming Self-Doubt


"Still Dreaming"

There are times, in all our lives, when the optimist within us fails to lift and empower. We become calendar-driven; subjected to the doubts of others, as if our own were not enough. We ask ourselves: “Am I there yet? Am I at least near the outskirts of my ‘Promise Land’?”

What Promise Land? Who promised you what, and when? Did you get that in writing? Was the promise notarized? Where was it written, that on a date, certain you would realize all your dreams, reach your loftiest goals, and bask in the glow of your deserved success? Does the fact you find yourself still striving, leave you less than inspired? Welcome to life.

Self-doubt and uncertainty are not unusual, and are to be expected. However,

when our time in the “valley” of our existence becomes an extended stay, we owe it to ourselves to reach even deeper in order to again experience “wind beneath our wings,”—to ascend to the heights to which we all aspire.

Okay, I hear you saying: “That’s often easier said than done.” Agreed. Still, we must at least strive to break free, and to live our best lives, as best we can. If we are fortunate and blessed, at our weakest, there is that ‘someone’ in our life who—simply by the force of their being, and their love for us—will encourage us. There is that “one” who nudge us, put a loving foot in our rear ends, if necessary, and insist we focus on the possibilities that are before us. It only takes that “one.”

Failing even that “one,” stand in front of your mirror and challenge yourself. Summon even the faintest images of your dreams, embrace them, and never let go. Dreams are the DNA of all reality.

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