An Open Letter to the President


An Open Letter to the President of The United States

I am a supporter who is deeply saddened and dispirited, but still determined to fight. I have always supported you but I, and many of my friends are weary of your fixation upon the ‘sacred’ altar of compromise, and your seeming unwillingness to stand your ground, and use your power to fend off unrelenting adversaries. Much has been laid at your feet, and upon your shoulders. I realize that what we all seek, is not for you alone to accomplish. We are all called to arms.

Still, as a former (never former)—inactive Marine, I know that when opponents determine that one is unwilling to stand ground and fight, they will never concede anything. Instead, they will constantly employ tactics that work for them. Those determined to destroy you and this economy are the folk who got us into this hell-hole. Do you really think you’ll get these people to cooperate with you? HELL, NO YOU CAN’T!

After the 2010 elections, you talked about taking a “shellacking”. You have continued to take one—unnecessarily—and participated in your  “shellacking” by letting House maniacs set the agenda. And where are the Dems with the ability to fashion  a strong message and live in front of a microphone to counter the ‘Big Lies’?  Too many so-called Democrat spokespersons are weak in their responses during various forums. From whom do you take strategic political advice, Mr. President? Fire them!

You promised a focus on jobs then allowed yourself to be locked in a banal, harmful, senseless fight over a faux debt crisis. A strong and determined President would not have done this—and all this with an economy on the verge of a double-dip recession. Why, Mr. President?

You are smarter than that. You are the President of The United States, Commander-in-Chief—leader of the free world.  That’s a “BFD” for sure. You took out Somali Pirates, killed Osama Bin Laden. Yet you surrender to  Eric ‘I’m Not That Bright’ Cantor, John ‘Tweaker of  The House’ Boehner, and Mitch ‘Turtle’ McConnell? Why?

You Are Right. in 2009 America wrongly expected—or hoped for immediate ‘Change They Could Believe In”— a “Captain America” (you) to ride in and make everything right. We all know that Republicans are great at campaigning and winning some elections, but are lousy at governing. Even partisans on the right know that if one wants to live like a Republican, one must vote Democratic.

History shows all—those with eyes and a well-functioning brain—that Republicans are lousy with the economy. They screw it up every time, and Democrats have to come behind them with an over-sized ‘pooper-scooper’ and clean things up. And when it does not happen immediately, voters with short attention spans forget.

Fireman Vs Arsonists: In 2010 Americans, impatient with the pace of growth and jobs, voted against the ‘Fireman’ trying to put out the economic fires, and put the ‘Arsonists’ responsible for setting the economy ablaze, back in charge—only worse. They loaded Congress and State Houses/Legislatures with those more suited for the asylum—those more concerned about controlling women’s uteruses, and attacking Planned Parenthood and unions. It is sadly true that “one can never go wrong underestimating the intelligence of the american voter.” Americans voted this pain upon themselves. Sane voters stayed home to pout.

Forget playing to so-called ‘Independent Voters.’ They do not really exist, and if they do, they were not impressed. Neither was Wall Street. The overwhelming percentage of Americans were on your side; you quoted the polls, then you…surrendered? Now, everyone is talking about jobs. Really? The House has not produced a single jobs bill. Why are you and every Democratic leader not talking about this every day? Why are you not speaking to the nation about this?

 This insane and inane hostage-taking will not stop. Look at what is happening to the FAA.  Seventy-four thousand (74,000) workers furloughed for ideological insanity of Republicans, not “Washington.” And more is promised. When you spoke about this on Tuesday, your soft-spoken, unruffled tone failed to convey the seriousness, unlike the fitting demeanor and tone of Secretary Ray LaHood.

Florida Congressman, John ‘Hypocrite’ Micah, responsible for the FAA mess, today spoke of wanting to eliminate subsidies to small airports, yet voted to maintain subsidies for big corporations. Are you kidding me? The media will not point this out; they insist on walking this line trying to place equivalent blame. There is no equivalence.

Thank god for Democratic senators with a spine, who refuse to cave in to this madness—who refuse to be Neville Chamberlains reincarnate.

I fear you may be overly-concerned about coming off as a eyes-bugging, nose-flaring, spit-spewing angry black man. I completely understand the reasons for it, but forget about it. Those who would see you that way already hate and caricature you. The rest of the country does not want to see you reprise Michael Dukakis in his infamous response to former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw, during the 1988 Presidential Debate.

Republicans fear no consequence when challenging you. There is no way a Republican President and Senate would have allowed Dems to do this, even if they tried. Hell, we failed to exercise full power when Dems controlled White House and Congress, although very noteworthy accomplishments were achieved.

You had the ultimate weapon in the 14th Amendment and failed to even threaten to use it. Why not dare your opponents to establish standing and sue you. Americans would have cheered. The world would have seen you as a take-charge leader willing  to not play it safe.

Mr. President, stop surrendering your best positions before the battle starts; use the power you have to fend off those determined to see you and the nation fail. They want the economy to fail and you aid and abet by letting them set the agenda. They are committing what I call “Econocide.” They do not give a damn. Period.

Mr. President, Ask yourself: are you leading in a way that, were you a field commander in a war, your Marines or soldiers would follow you, knowing you would not abandon them when the enemy launched their fiercest assault? Would they be willing, given past engagements, to sacrifice all, down to the last person, if necessary?

This phony debt ceiling crisis ignored the painful plight of so many. This surrender/compromise will cost hundreds of thousands jobs. You did not call leaders to your office to talk about jobs. Why? Disgusting. And you had and have so much potential. When will you ever stand your ground?

Mr. President, you took and oath to defend America against enemies foreign and domestic. Anyone threatening to destroy the full faith and credit of The United States is a domestic enemy of The United Sates, as sure as any you may define, and pose a  catastrophic threat that goes beyond political or philosophical disagreements.

Be a strong leader. Please? Compromise when you can, fight when you must. Sometimes, a leader has to leave a few enemy bodies on the ground, in order to be seen as serious and worthy of respectful fear. If nothing else, know that action, not words are the coin of the realm, and are crucial to increasing and maintaining support for your positive policies.

Finally: Want a novel idea and plan to focus on jobs?


We are with you. You must succeed in 2012. The makeup of the Supreme Court, the advancement of healthcare, the protection of the middle-class, seniors, and the poor depend on your leadership. We will do our part. You must lead from strength.


 (Other than what I have stated above, I have no opinions)